The Carrier Birdy’s Unpermitted Playtime


All right!

Here is the latest news from Dr. Typhon Garlic. In this post you will most likely read the story of how the carrier birdy shirked his mail-carrying duties for some (unpermitted) playtime!

Slipping past the guardy guy

On March 26, 2012, Dr. Garlic readied his documents for the carrier birdy to bring over to me. When it came time to hand over the documents to the carrier birdy, however, he was nowhere to be found!

Two days later Dr. Garlic found the carrier birdy enjoying some well-earned but highly inopportune playtime in Feathery Fun Land (an amusement park designed especially for feathered creatures). As you might imagine, the carrier birdy was having a blast until Typhon interrupted. Then the fun just sort of seemed to melt away, leaving the carrier birdy nothing but a guilty conscience.

Upset at the birdy.

I’m sure Dr. Garlic wasn’t trying to be mean — after all, the carrier birdy is in Typhon’s employ and should have gone to Feathery Fun Land during his days off instead of sneakin’ away from work.

Of course, Dr. Garlic’s admonition made the birdy feel pretty bad about leaving. He later promised to never shirk his mail-carrying duties again.

Dr. Garlic decided to have the carrier birdy wait another day so he could write another journal entry and send that with him also.

Into Feathery Fun Land and straight back out.

Here it is:


That little birdy employee of mine sneaked off two days ago! I finally found him playing in “Feathery Fun Land”. It was really rather boring; then again, it was birds only, so that could have been why I thought it so dreary.

I ended up having to rent a bird headdress (from some strange “Mr. Haney” fellow) in order to enter. The price was ridiculous, but the carrier birdy was obliged to reimburse me for my troubles in getting to him.

I am sending my latest map and this journal entry with the birdy just as soon as I complete them.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading! Leave any comments you might have below.

2 thoughts on “The Carrier Birdy’s Unpermitted Playtime

  1. Mr. Haney?! HAHA!
    You need to watch ‘Green Acres’ in order to understand this joke.
    Peter, you are HILARIOUS!!!

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