The Claymore Retrieved


Alice here. The claymore is in our possession. Finally something is going right.

The stakeout was dangerous but ultimately worth it. The old fool still has no idea it’s even gone.

The claymore, about to be replaced with our replica.
The claymore, about to be replaced with our replica.

Ah, the execution was stellar. No doubt thanks to my hours spent planning the heist.

I don’t believe Carlos thought we could pull it off. Ty believed though. Of course he did. That’s who he is: optimistic to a fault.

We have yet to hear from Miles, and Ty’s silly brother. To be expected. They always manage to complicate even the simplest tasks.

I’m certain they can complete their part. That’s not what’s in question–even a mindless troll could do it. The question is whether they remember to retreat to a safe distance before detonating the charges.

Carlos thinks​ they’ll be fine. Funny how he thought we’d fail, but they’d succeed. I’ve more than proved myself by now. Oh, to null with it. Ty trusts me, and that should be enough for him.

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