The Aether Fractures!


Terrible news! I just got an e-mail from Dr. Al Gene’s blog about a mad scientist who somehow fractured the Aether right near Dr. Garlic, creating a huge chasm which people ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic’s 25th Birthday


Hello folks!  This post brings tidings of Dr. Garlic’s 25th birthday! Dr. Garlic hasn’t really had time to celebrate his birthday during the past couple of years, so ... Continue reading

Alecia Garlic Goes Shopping


Welcome to Peter’s blog, the one and only place where you can read about the one and only Alecia Garlic!  Also, her slightly-less-significant-brother, Typhon. In this post, ... Continue reading

Typhon and Alecia’s Shopping Trip


Welcome back, readers! Dr. Typhon Garlic and his sister Alecia went on a shopping trip today. On second thought, let me rephrase that. Alecia dragged Dr. Garlic along on her ... Continue reading

Alecia Garlic’s Plane Ride


Hi everyone, This is Julianne reporting some interesting details of Alecia Garlic’s travels.  It seems that Dr. Typhon Garlic, her younger brother, was a little slow in ... Continue reading

Introducing Alecia Garlic


Hello everyone, This is Julianne writing.  I am Peter’s younger sister, and I will be writing to forward all news of Dr. Garlic’s older sister, Alecia Garlic.  She ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic and the Dark Lands


Welcome back, folks! As you may have noticed, it has been quite some time since the last update from the intrepid Dr. Typhon Garlic. That is because, as you will soon learn in ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic Meets Invinciman


Huh? Oh, didn’t see you there, readers! Dr. Garlic just met his old friend, Dan Dirtie. And old is indeed the proper word there, because he came to Convergence Point from ... Continue reading

The Origins of Convergence Point


Welcome back, readers! It’s the year 2013 now and I’ve got another exciting (or perhaps just interesting) chapter in the Dr. Garlic story for you today. Dr. Typhon ... Continue reading

The Marauding Red Night Goblin


Merry (belated) Christmas, everyone! It is now time to talk about what’s happened to Dr. Garlic recently. On second thought, I’ll take a moment and write down a bit ... Continue reading