Dr. Garlic treks through Ice Block Trench


Welcome to the latest step in Dr. Garlic’s travel!

The amazing Doctor is still in the Icy Wastelands; this place is called Ice Block Trench. For good reasons, too: it is a trench-like valley!

An ice block.

Dr. Garlic found the terrain of the trench to be much less hospitable than even the rest of the Wastelands.

The (increasingly plentiful) ice blocks, for which the trench had been named, proved to be one of the most difficult obstacles in his journey thus far. These massive chunks of frozen water are slippery (and as such, hard to climb), blindingly white, and shinier than a newly-minted coin. But hey, at least Typhon was only up against inanimate ice blocks, instead of, say, a mystical ice snake.

An abandoned LaserDriller 3000!

Just when Dr. Garlic was beginning to think he would be unable to get over (or around) a monstrous blockade of ice which obstructed his path, he happened upon something most unexpected. An abandoned LaserDriller 3000!

After making this discovery, Typhon decided this vehicle could be just the thing to help him find a way out of the abominable trench…

Attempting to reach the controls of the huge vehicle.


I continue my trek through these Icy Wastelands … I wonder how much longer it will be.

At least now I need no longer walk on foot through the trench, seeing as I’ve got this LaserDriller 3000 now. I came across it while pondering how I would ever scale the nearly-vertical ice wall in front of me.

Recognizing it (I’ve used one before and have a license to operate them), I realized it had been abandoned and decided to use it to cut a safe path out of the ice.

Unfortunately, it was missing most of its ladder. The seat is quite high up there, so I knew I had to jump to reach the last shreds of one of the ruined ladder’s ropes.

However, because it is Leap Day, I was able to jump higher than usual and managed to pull myself atop the fun thing! Now fun abounds and I am making steady progress through the trench.

Mwoo hoo hoo!

There’s actually a pretty cool mechanism in the vehicle which lets you either drive the rig forwards or turn it to the left, based on which direction the (currently imaginary) motor is spinning. It’s loosely based on a design from the LEGO Answers website and can be found here.

To get back on topic, here’s Dr. Typhon Garlic’s newest map:


A detailed map of Typhon's current location.

Well, that’s (almost) all; thanks for reading!

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See ya next time!

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