The Marauding Red Night Goblin


Merry (belated) Christmas, everyone!

It is now time to talk about what’s happened to Dr. Garlic recently. On second thought, I’ll take a moment and write down a bit about my Christmas.

My awesome new fan!
My awesome new fan!

I had a great time visiting with friends who came over. Us kids received Cole’s Tread Assault for Christmas, so I let our eleven-month-old guest play with Skales and Cole. I watched him carefully so he wouldn’t eat them.

I also received an awesome programmable fan. The fan-programming software had a few typoos, but it still was really fun to make my fan say stuff.

Now on to the Dr. Garlic stuff. After leaving The Fish Out Of Water, he drove through the desert and soon came to the western town of Convergence Point.

Dr. Garlic learned the name of this unique town from a sign on the road to the town. It read: “Welcome to Convergence Point, Population 204 205 208.”

The Saloon.
Outside the saloon.

As Typhon continued down the road, he discovered it was a merely the first in a row of signs which read:

“Rules: Spitting in non-metal spittoons, throwing refuse anywhere other than approved receptacles, and riding while intoxicated are all strictly prohibited. Destroying others’ property during gun duels is not allowed. No loitering in front of the Sheriff’s office or else! Please refrain from arguing with Quarrelsome Bert. Enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting Convergence Point.”

Inside the saloon.
Inside the saloon.

Dr. Garlic drove up into the center of town and parked his car in front of a saloon. Hoping to get a cold drink of water, he entered.

It was extremely crowded, even though there were only six people inside. A rather rowdy-looking fellow said meanly, “A newcomer! Let’s lynch him, boys!” The owner shouted to Typhon, “Ingore Bert, sonny! Just head upstairs and I’ll take yer order presently.”

He did so and met another adventurer, as you can read in his journal entry:


Woo hoo! I’m in the West!

After I came to the  Convergence Point, I headed over to the saloon, hoping to get a cold drink of water to quench my mighty thirst. I had an unpleasant encounter with Quarrelsome Bert and the saloon owner told me to head upstairs. Once there, I met another adventurer named Nob. When I mentioned that I was an adventurer, he exclaimed, “Hey, I’m an adventurer too!” He then asked me all about my adventures, and I related the highlights of them to him.

When I mentioned my friend Dr. Gene, he said, “You mean Dr. Al Gene? The Al Gene who went searching for the Genie’s lamp? I know him! We went to ninja school together and I helped him find his last teleporter! He told me about you.” We had been talking about our mutual friend for over thirty minutes when the saloon owner finally came up to the roof. “Pardon for the delays. Quarrelsome Bert has been downright rowdy lately. May I take ya’ll’s orders?”

They were fresh out of water, so I said I would have an iced tea; Nob ended up ordering a lemonade. Our drinks arrived shortly, and we continued talking about our adventures. Nob told me of his adventures in the rainforest, and his recent blacksmith shop experience.

The Marauding Red Night Goblin!
The Marauding Red Night Goblin!

We talked late into the night, when a pig began squealing downstairs. (Nob explained later that it was his pet pig, Hamlet.) There was a splash as something landed in Nob’s glass.

Suddenly there was an uncanny red glow in the sky and evil black rocks started raining down upon the town! Seeing our surprise, the red glow began cackling, “HO HO HO!” even as it continued sending the rocks down at us.

Nob and I heard a commotion below us and we ran downstairs to find out what exactly was going on. The saloon owner shouted, “It’s the Marauding Red Night Goblin!” He took a rifle down from its place on the wall, and continued, “Grab yer weapons, boys! Let’s give this darned goblin a lickin’!”

We all ran outside. Nob and I didn’t join in since we had no idea what we were fighting. Besides, a single shot from one of my plasma pistols probably would have killed it. Quarrelsome Bert had an elephant rifle and let out war whoops basically the whole time. Eventually some guy in jail clothes managed to hit the vile goblin, causing it to retreat, but not before the group had all been thoroughly pelted with what turned out to be coal.

Convergence Point, a happy place.
Convergence Point, a happy place.

When we returned to the saloon rooftop, Nob and I discovered some candy canes in our pockets, which we ate as we talked over the events of the night. Anyway, I ought to get some shut-eye. It’s two o’clock now, but I just had to write this stuff down while it was fresh in my mind.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Well, thanks for reading, everyone! Leave your comments below and come back next time for more Dr. Garlic adventures at Convergence Point!

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  1. Hey, Peter! Great post! I just want to say that we have arrived safely in USA and I am enjoying going on YouTube to watch your videos without the VPN!!

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