Dr. Typhon Garlic and the IFAQ


Hello there, readers!

Say hello to Dr. Typhon Garlic! He is going on a travel-thingy!

Dr. Typhon Garlic
Dr. Garlic and his pith hat!

He is my personal traveling buddy. Oh yeah. 😎

Equipped with a pith hat and a bag full of goodies, Dr. Garlic is ready for almost anything – and he’ll soon be ready to take on snakes!

His journey will take him to a very cool location – San Antonio, Texas!

Also, make sure you check out the IFAQ. I just created it today, so it’ll (hopefully) be a fun source of enjoyment for generations to come!

3 thoughts on “Dr. Typhon Garlic and the IFAQ

  1. I made one kinda like it! This is the file name for the pic, and I doubt it’ll work if you search it, but whatever! file://localhost/Users/olsenfam/Pictures/Photo%20Booth/Photo%20on%202011-11-01%20at%2016.25.jpg

  2. Oh, put this in your IFAQ:

    Q: Who is that awesomely ursome companion known as “ConflagrationClone?” He is a pretty cool guy.

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