Dr. Garlic’s Awesome Adventure Car


Welcome back, readers, to a post with an awesome alliteration in the title!

Hey, cool – that was an alliteration too. Anyway, I’m getting off topic, because this post is not about alliterations, but instead, Dr. Garlic’s new used car! SASHABOOEY! Let’s get started. 🙂

Shortly after he arrived in Hong Kong, Dr. Garlic met an Indian businessman. He was a little hard to understand, but from what I understood, the man had a luxurious boat which he just happened to be selling. The man wished to return to India and no longer had any use for this boat, so he was offering it at a lower price than he would normally.

Dr. Garlic decided to go give it a look, since he was going to need some type of transport across the great water. However, when Typhon met up with the man at the appointed place of boat-selling, there was no boat in sight!

A car is the next best thing…

It turned out that the businessman had said he had a car and a house and that “they’re both for sale!” However, on account of his accent, the word both sounded like the word boat, and Dr. Garlic thought the man was trying to sell a boat.

As he was about to walk away, Dr. Garlic noticed the man’s car was no ordinary Indian-businessman-who-has-been-living-in-Hong-Kong-for-some-time-but-now-wishes-to-return-to-India’s car. This car was special. Something about the car’s make, or look, just struck Dr. Garlic as adventurous. Typhon questioned him, “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to want to sell that car, would you? Since you’re moving back to India and all?”

The man replied, “That’s what I’ve been saying all along! I can’t take them back to India, so I want to sell both my house and car.” After several more minutes of confusion, Dr. Garlic finally discovered that boats had nothing to do with the matter and that the man was trying to sell him the car.

Taking the new car for a drive!

Of course Typhon quickly agreed to the businessman’s terms. He purchased the car from the man, who promptly left in search of “someone to sell my equally run-down house to.” That frightened Dr. Garlic a bit, but then he figured the man’s house didn’t look that bad, so there was most likely nothing wrong with the car.


I have a new car! Well, a used car. But it feels new because I just bought it today! Walking on all these adventures has been such a bore. Well, except for those exciting times when I got captured or imprisoned, or ate that thing that Al caught while we traveled up to the home of the Sagely Wise Man.

That reminds me … I read that Al found the lamp, but the genie was dead. Now because he feels like his whole adventure to find the lamp has been a bust, he has stopped adventuring and gone back to weapon-making. That’s just really sad. In my book, he is one of the greatest adventurers ever!

Ah, I wonder what Dan Dirtie’s up to. Probably something crazy like crocodile wrestling. I just kept getting the feeling that Al and Dan and I were going to meet up again, and it’d be just like old times. Dan would get severely injured, go to the hospital, and meet back up with us just in time for Al to fall in a cave or something.

I don’t know. My dragon-scroll that the sagely wise man translated sure was right about the broken-down mind of metal (a.k.a. the Aether-Net). I found it by wandering in the desert, just as it said. I figure my best chance to have more adventures is by traveling “east to reach The West”, so I’ll be taking the first transport across the great water that I can get.

Journeying to Hong Kong Island.

*In tour guide voice* And to your left you will see Typhon’s map of his journey from the hospital to Hong Kong Island!

You can see some of his older adventures in this map. The Town Mall and the Doom-Filled Cave were some pretty good adventures. Dr. Garlic’s previous map actually showed some locations from his very first adventures.

Thanks for reading! Come back next time to see Dr. Garlic cross the great water as he begins his greatest adventure yet…

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