Catching Twilight


Welcome back, folks!

After a very long period of radio silence from Dr. Garlic, I’ve just received his latest message! Rather than bore you with my impressions of his latest news, I’ll just let you read Typhon’s journal entry:


Ah, it’s good to have my space-time communicator working again! The poor thing was smashed in a rather disagreeable fashion after a little tussle with a dark agent the Ironthread brothers and I now know to be named “Twilight”. When we learned he was trailing us ten months ago, we resolved to capture him and find out what he was up to.

Say cheese, ninja!
Say cheese, ninja!

Unfortunately, the darned fellow turned out to be quite adept at avoiding each and every one of our carefully planned traps. Finally I had the brilliant idea of taking a photograph. It worked like a dream!

I set up a trap behind Sven and Corin (without telling them, of course) and just as I was about to snap the picture, just like clockwork, the ninja showed up for a chance in the spotlight. I activated the net trap which the predictable fellow had unwittingly walked right onto, and took a picture for good measure.

We tried to interrogate the ninja but all we could get out of him was “Twilight reveals NOTHING!” For example, we asked him why he was there: “Twilight reveals NOTHING!” Who he worked for? “Twilight reveals NOTHING!” His favorite color? “Twilight reveals NOTHING!” Why he spoke of himself in the third person?! “Twilight reveals NOTHING!”

Sven and Corin told me that their leaders would accept no such nonsense from him, so we decided to bring him to the Dwarves for questioning.

What Sven and Corin didn’t tell me was how far away the dwarven capital was. On the way Sven tried to teach me some dwarven words, but the Dwarven language seems really complicated to me. The word no translates to some long fourteen-syllable gibberish!

As I mentioned before, my space-time communicator had been smashed in a previous failed attempt to catch Twilight. Once we had reached the capital and handed Twilight over to the authorities, Sven and Corin brought me to a smithy named Garfon so we could get it repaired.

"Pretty please?"
“Pretty please?”

“Get that crummy human technology garbage away from me!” he shouted. Garfon turned away from us with a look of disgust on his face. He made a grunt that seemed to imply he wanted nothing to do with my space-time communicator.

In the end, though we finally persuaded him to take a look at it. (It is possible we promised to spend our entire hoard of treasure at his shop in order to change his mind.)

Handing the space-time communicator to Garfon.
The repaired space-time communicator.

After a couple weeks he finally figured out what was wrong; in the meantime Sven, Corin, and I had selected an outfit that would allow me to masquerade as the warrior Gwinaarr, as per The Pablo’s suggestion.

Now we are on our way to the ARC base. We should arrive within a week, ready to execute our plan. If all goes well, I may finally be able to return to Earth.

Well, I’m certainly glad to hear from Dr. Garlic again! Also, there is definitely something up with Dr. Garlic’s timekeeping… it has only been five months from his last communication with me, not ten. It’s not like him to exaggerate like that…

Anyway, sounds like Typhon and the Ironthread brothers are planning quite the escape for Dr. Garlic. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Yipe! That Garfon’s services were really pricey. But, I guess that’s reasonable since he’s a dwarf in a medieval world who understands technology that even Earth’s best scientists don’t!!!!!!!!

    It’s good to hear from Dr. Garlic!

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