Alecia and Carlos Repair the Rift


Hello, readers!  In this post I bring you the glad tidings of Alecia’s success in contacting the Computer Programmer, and in improving her protein shake recipe! In order to ... Continue reading

Alecia Garlic at the Mad Scientist’s Lab


Okay, all you panicking readers, I finally have news from Alecia! Don’t worry about her — she is alive, and well … physically unharmed. Alecia is now at the mad ... Continue reading

Typhon and Alecia’s Shopping Trip


Welcome back, readers! Dr. Typhon Garlic and his sister Alecia went on a shopping trip today. On second thought, let me rephrase that. Alecia dragged Dr. Garlic along on her ... Continue reading

What I’ve Been Eating in Texas


Actually, I only ate the pizza, not the cheeseburger, but I still thought I might as well torture a few folks with a craving for Western food if possible. How kind of me. 🙂 ... Continue reading

Darkness on the Horizon, Flapjacks, and Thieves


It’s time for more news from our beloved Dr. Typhon Garlic! The upshot of it is that he was robbed by thieves who made some pancakes for him: venison flapjacks à la mode, ... Continue reading

Seventeen Years Old!


It’s my seventeenth birthday today! I’m going to have a (small-ish) birthday party, eating dinner and cake and some friends. Oh wait, I meant “eating dinner and ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic and the Rocky Jungle


Welcome once again to another awesome and fun post! Hey! What? Great … why do I even bother? Evil crossy-out blog … Anyhoo,  Dr. Garlic arrived in San Antonio! (After ... Continue reading

Suzanne September 2011 Conclusion


Legend: Peter John Hey there, folks, This is Peter! And John! Hi John! Umm…hi…I guess… Today we’re going to wrap up Suzanne September! Nooo! Yep. Sorry, ... Continue reading

A restaurant meal


Hey there, everyone! Yesterday I went to Huawei, which is quite possibly the nicest restaurant in town. Strangely, we had to wait about ten minutes before we could order: the ... Continue reading