Graduation and Road Trip


Hi all, just wanted to write and share an important event in my life: graduation! I am now a Texas State graduate. As with many universities these days, Texas State mails diplomas ... Continue reading

My 20th Birthday, and 10 years of


Greetings once again, my friends! As the title suggests, I just had my 20th birthday, on October 29, 2015, to be exact! It was quite the occasion, I suppose, as it marked the end ... Continue reading

An Update, at Long Last


Hi, everyone! Sorry it’s been a while long while very long while whole eternity and a half since last post. Here’s a bit of an update on things: In case you ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic at Alecia’s Wedding


Welcome back, everyone! Today Dr. Garlic attended a very special event: his older sister Alecia’s wedding ceremony! I’ll let his journal entry tell you all about it: ... Continue reading

Conclusion of Typhon’s Multeran Adventures


Hi readers! I’ve got some great news from the one and only Dr. Typhon Garlic! With Sven and Corin’s help, Typhon’s escaped from ARC’s clutches and made it ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic at the ARC Base


Hey folks! Just got some more news from Dr. Garlic. He has just been captured and is now imprisoned in an ARC dungeon. In other words, everything is going according to plan! ... Continue reading

Catching Twilight


Welcome back, folks! After a very long period of radio silence from Dr. Garlic, I’ve just received his latest message! Rather than bore you with my impressions of his latest ... Continue reading

Fortune Cookie Fortunes by Peter


Hello there! Today I’ll be demonstrating my many qualifications for working as a writer of fortunes found in (most) fortune cookies. (Maybe some don’t have fortunes? ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic’s “Fan Club”


Nope, this post is not about a totally awesome Dr. Garlic fan club you can join. In fact, this post is about Typhon’s followers–or should I say stalkers? Apparently ... Continue reading

Shorter and More Frequent Posts


Ah, posting frequency. My good old frenemy. Fact of the matter is, I don’t write here nearly enough, and that ought to change. Sure, Dr. Garlic posts happen pretty often, ... Continue reading