Red LEGO Suzanne


Howdy, readers. Welcome back! I’ve have found yet another Suzanne for a total of four for me this month. Four Suzannes. (Hey John, I’m winning! 🙂 ) Well, this one ... Continue reading

Scruffy Bearded Suzanne


Okay, well this is bordering on completely ridiculous, but here’s the latest Suzanne. Announcing the great … well, maybe mediocre … or maybe even lousy … ... Continue reading

Trapped Airy Suzanne


Hey there, everyone! Today we have a most unusual and unfortunate Suzanne. This airy little Suzanne was just hanging out with her oxygen friends in one of those cool plastic boxes ... Continue reading

Suzanne September 2012


Hi there, folks. It’s time for … Suzanne September 2012 — yippee! In the bold footsteps of Suzanne September 2011 follows this September’s Cycles-rendered ... Continue reading

Suzanne September 2011 Source Files & Wallpaper


Greetings, fellow earthlings…erm…readers! I have done it, or as a friend says: “Mission accomplished.”. 😀 I have set the monkeys free! As in No Rights ... Continue reading

Suzanne September 2011 Conclusion


Legend: Peter John Hey there, folks, This is Peter! And John! Hi John! Umm…hi…I guess… Today we’re going to wrap up Suzanne September! Nooo! Yep. Sorry, ... Continue reading

Shiny O’ Black Suzanne


Hi there, readers! I’m helping Peter out with another Suzanne! I found this shiny ‘o black little critter rolling in a vat of glossy wax. Hence the shiny effect. ... Continue reading

Furry Zebra Stripes Suzanne


Hello there, folks! It’s time* to once again reveal a new Suzanne! *(Make a mental note of my usage of this word – it’ll be important a few decades ago.) Today ... Continue reading

Glass Suzanne

Glass Suzanne

Hey there, readers! It’s time for another Suzanne, so let’s get started. Today’s Suzanne is made of glass, so don’t be not careful, cause she’s ... Continue reading

Green Particle Suzanne


Hello readers! This is John – since I haven’t posted in a long time, I thought I’d help Peter with Suzanne September! You may notice that I have only done monkey ... Continue reading