Suzanne September 2011 Conclusion



  • Peter
  • John

Hey there, folks, This is Peter!
And John!
Hi John!
Umm…hi…I guess…

Today we’re going to wrap up Suzanne September!
Yep. Sorry, but we can’t continue Suzanne September in October very well, can we?
Can’t we just continue it as Suzanne October?
No. Why don’t you show the readers your newest Suzanne?
‘Cause I’m saving it for Suzanne October.
You’re making this very hard, you know.
Okay…I’ll show them.

It's nice and CRACKED!!! How did this happen?!

It’s the Red (Cracked) Suzanne? Oh. Now I know how that happened – when I was uploading it, WordPress said, “Crunching”. And I guess this is the result. Why don’t you show them one of your Suzannes, Peter?
Sure thing; say hi to the Smokey Volumetric Suzanne!

This Suzanne's smokificationifying!

Pretty cool, right?
No, not exactly; it’s a bit too “smokey” for me.

Well, let’s move along: we have another Suzanne for ya’ll!
The next Suzanne will not need to have anyone call the monkey police-
Hey! Stop makin’ fun of me-
Well anyway, what I meant was that it isn’t fragile.
*cough* Ain’t.
Well looky here at the speech therapist! Here’s the Nuts and Bolts Suzanne:

Crunch, munch; yummy! What a lunch!

I hope that nut don’t make ‘er sneeze!
Ha ha.
Finally, why not have a slice of my last Suzanne?

Juicy (well...kind of) slicy munchy! I sense hunger coming on...

It’s tasty-looking!
Tasty-looking? That thing’s so dried out you could use it for dried orange peels!
Yeah, yeah; whatever you say…

Well, this concludes Suzanne September! In the next post, I’ll have some pictures of the Suzannes that could be used as desktop backgrounds! 🙂

Get ready for Suzanne October!

Bye! 😀

7 Comments on Suzanne September 2011 Conclusion

  1. Julianne said:

    Ha Ha! I’ll be looking forward to Suzanne October! (I love John’s commentary! Why don’t you do more posts together?)

  2. Julianne said:

    And how about kicking it off with a silver and gold Suzanne?

  3. Julianne said:

    And a lava rock Suzanne!

  4. Julianne said:

    Yippee! Suzanne October! And November! And December! In fact, let’s just call it Suzanne 2011!

  5. Harry said:

    Love the orange monkey and the red cracked monkey (I’m writing monkey because Suzanne is weird to write) You should to a gilled smelly fish monkey!!!

  6. Harry said:

    and maybe a glowing laser monkey!

  7. Harry said:

    Oh, I just figured out the dragging over to the box thing, so I’m commenting alot

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