A restaurant meal


Hey there, everyone!

Yesterday I went to Huawei, which is quite possibly the nicest restaurant in town. Strangely, we had to wait about ten minutes before we could order: the staff were (supposedly) too busy swatting flies to take our order just then. 🙂

Anyway, the food’s great and I always enjoy eating there.

The dishes are even wrapped in plastic! (Not uncommon.)

"Just shrienkwrap 'em. Makes 'em seam kleen."

These dishes are actually owned by a company that basically rents the dishes. The dishes are sent to a restaurant, then used, they go back, get washed, and get shrinkwrapped. Endless cycle!

Sadly, we went there to eat with our friends who will be leaving soon. 🙁

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  1. Julianne said:

    Must have been some stubborn flies.

  2. Julianne said:

    There must have been a lot of ’em too.

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