Glass Suzanne

Glass Suzanne

Hey there, readers!

It’s time for another Suzanne, so let’s get started.
Today’s Suzanne is made of glass, so don’t be not careful, cause she’s fragile!
(No, seriously. Be careful – if you break this, I might have to call up the monkey police!)

A Glass Suzanne
Oh dear, and we're all out of bubble wrap too...

If the eyes are looking sort of…well…strange, it’s because they’re not actual eyeballs.

*Crowd boos*

Please now, can’t ya’ll show the monkey just a little respect? Apparently not.

Well, here ends this monkey’s five minutes of fame. (Wait – you’re not saying it actually took you five minutes to read that, are you?) 😉

Remember, folks, if you’ve got a suggestion for the next Suzanne, then out with it! 🙂

2 Comments on Glass Suzanne

  1. Julianne said:

    How about a Furry Zebra Stripes Suzanne?

  2. Peter said:

    I’ll give it a go and see what I can do! 🙂

    Thanks for the idea!

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