A building in progress


Hello everyone!

It’s about (past) time for another post, so here goes nothing:

I’ve been working on a scene created in Blender. I did a BlenderGuru tutorial to learn how to model the building; as for the materials, I’m pretty much trying to do them myself. There’s a problem with the glass which I’m still working on fixing.

High rise building (partially finished)
High rise building (partially finished)

One of my goals for this image is that it be made almost completely in Blender, including the sky.

Also, I participated in a fun little “video” game in which one must spot as many villains as possible to help Batman. I only scored 90 points. 🙂
My awesome buddy ConflagrationClone created this; why not try it out yourself?

Heads up: Part 2 of The 1000 lb Man will soon be finished and I might just be able to get some more work done on my site! (Possible work on the non-existent gallery or addition of a downloads page.)