A pen tablet, Plip Studios, and books: Oh my!


Hi, everyone! It’s been quite some time since my last blog post (over a month, in fact), so this one’s got quite a bit of information.

In the month of May, I participated a contest on skritter.com. Basically, one had to study Chinese characters for an average of one hour or more per day and keep it up for 25 days in a row! Everyone who did so would receive a award of their choice from a list of prizes.

The contest was extremely challenging, but I won and got a Wacom tablet! It arrived in July and I started using the day I got it. Needless to say, it was a very cool prize. (You learn stuff and get a prize? Sounds like an awesome contest to me!)

My Wacom Tablet
My Wacom Tablet

To kind of go along with the order of the title, Plip Studios is next!

Plip Studios
The official Plip Studios Logo

I’ve got a Youtube account, but I still lack videos and, until recently, a catchy sort of name to put at the beginning of them. Well now I’ve got a catchy name: Plip Studios! Plip is an awesome new word, literally, and I can’t wait to tell everyone its meaning seven meanings! I’m working hard in my spare time to create a video about this word, so be prepared! (I’m not going to put a link to my Youtube channel yet, it’s basically blank right now and who wants to view a blank page?)

Last (but not least) in the high-priority-list-thingy: The two books The Deadly Decision of Blooka-Blooka and The Deadly Disguise of Blooka-Blooka! Written by John and I, these first two books in The Blooka-Blooka Trilogy expand on and give more detail than the original story (which was a short paragraph). Head on over to the Story Repository and check them out!

That’s all for now, but I’m going to be posting weekly again, so come back soon!