Seventeen Years Old!


It’s my seventeenth birthday today! I’m going to have a (small-ish) birthday party, eating dinner and cake and some friends. Oh wait, I meant “eating dinner and ... Continue reading

We Need Soap!


Welcome back, readers! The Computer Programmer and I have a dilemma: We need soap! We’re getting pretty stinky while working on our plan to save Dr. Garli – I mean, ... Continue reading

Red LEGO Suzanne


Howdy, readers. Welcome back! I’ve have found yet another Suzanne for a total of four for me this month. Four Suzannes. (Hey John, I’m winning! 🙂 ) Well, this one ... Continue reading

Scruffy Bearded Suzanne


Okay, well this is bordering on completely ridiculous, but here’s the latest Suzanne. Announcing the great … well, maybe mediocre … or maybe even lousy … ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic Saves the Carrier Birdy


Hi there, everyone! It’s been a while (almost two months…) since my last post. I don’t have a whole lot to show for my absence, except maybe my work on an online ... Continue reading

Removing Cycles Fireflies


This article will cover a much-needed addition to Blender’s up-and-coming photo-realistic renderer, Cycles. You’ll learn about the new “Clamp” parameter ... Continue reading

A Short 16th Birthday


Hey there, readers! Today’s my 16th birthday! I am sixteen years old – sixteen! Wow! 16 16 16! (Can you tell it hasn’t really sunk in yet?) I am sixteen years ... Continue reading

Cycles GPU Render


Hello again, everyone! You may have seen my last post in which I showed the LuxRender CPU + GPU image. I decided I might as well try the same thing in Cycles, Blender’s new ... Continue reading

Time-Traveling Suzanne Mark II


Welcome back, readers! Today I’ve got a nice speedy little time-traveling Suzanne for you… Wait a second. Time-traveling? Not again. This is bad. This is very, very ... Continue reading