An Update, at Long Last


Hi, everyone! Sorry it’s been a while long while very long while whole eternity and a half since last post. Here’s a bit of an update on things: In case you ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic treks through Ice Block Trench


Welcome to the latest step in Dr. Garlic’s travel! The amazing Doctor is still in the Icy Wastelands; this place is called Ice Block Trench. For good reasons, too: it is a ... Continue reading

Dr. Typhon Garlic and the IFAQ


Hello there, readers! Say hello to Dr. Typhon Garlic! He is going on a travel-thingy! He is my personal traveling buddy. Oh yeah. 😎 Equipped with a pith hat and a bag full of ... Continue reading

A Short 16th Birthday


Hey there, readers! Today’s my 16th birthday! I am sixteen years old – sixteen! Wow! 16 16 16! (Can you tell it hasn’t really sunk in yet?) I am sixteen years ... Continue reading