An Email from Source Bradford


Greetings, everyone. Today I have for you some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that Source Bradford just sent me an email with an update on his situation. The bad ... Continue reading

Alecia Garlic at the Mad Scientist’s Lab


Okay, all you panicking readers, I finally have news from Alecia! Don’t worry about her — she is alive, and well … physically unharmed. Alecia is now at the mad ... Continue reading

The Break-in at the Library of Alexandria


The adventurers five have broken into a secret vault inside the Library of Alexandria! Although it seemed slightly less than legal, it looks like it may have made Al consider ... Continue reading

Alecia Garlic at the Adventurers’ Reunion


Hello everyone, this is Julianne writing (now for the third time!) with an update on Alecia Garlic. After her horridly rough plane ride and the trek to get to the terminal after ... Continue reading

The Adventurers’ Reunion


Howdy howdy, and welcome back to my blog! Today I have some more news from Dr. Garlic. He attended the Adventurers’ Reunion today, and boy, was it a whirlwind! He saw ... Continue reading

Mutiny Aboard The Fish Out Of Water!


Well, it looks to be another long Dr. Garlic post, readers! The crew of The Fish Out Of Water mutinied and imprisoned Typhon, Seymour, the other two passengers, and the ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic’s Awesome Adventure Car


Welcome back, readers, to a post with an awesome alliteration in the title! Hey, cool – that was an alliteration too. Anyway, I’m getting off topic, because this ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic and Dan Dirtie Save Dr. Gene!


Hey there, folks! This post, as hoped, comes with an improvement the Dr. Gene situation. Typhon and Dan hunted relentlessly for any trace of Al, but until yesterday, they could ... Continue reading

The Doom-Filled Cave


Hi, readers. We’re back with another (mis-)adventure of the fabulous Dr. Garlic! As you might have guessed from reading the title, this post contains a doom-filled cave. Uh ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic Visits the Sagely Wise Man


Welcome back, folks! Dr. Typhon Garlic’s adventure continues at the top of the peaceful mountain of tranquility. Because Dr. Gene’s sidekick won’t be able to do ... Continue reading