We Need Soap!


Welcome back, readers!

The Computer Programmer and I have a dilemma: We need soap! We’re getting pretty stinky while working on our plan to save Dr. Garli – I mean, working on our plan to scrub all this dirt off. We could really use your help — this small multitude of flies buzzing around me is getting rather annoying.

We’re planning to redeem some free soap from a generous company’s Giant Soap Giveaway. Unfortunately, the Computer Programmer and I have calculated that we’ll need five thousand bars of soap in order to accomplish our objective! Yes, 5000. And the giveaway ends in a week — we’ll never be able to do it by ourselves.

The Giant Soap Giveaway!

If you’d be able to assist us, we’d be more than happy for some help. So what say you? Will you redeem some soap from the Giant Soap Giveaway to aid our worthy cause? Or will you just let me become a filthy ball of malice? Either way, thanks for reading this rather strange excuse for a blog post! 🙂