Seventeen Years Old!


It’s my seventeenth birthday today!

I’m going to have a (small-ish) birthday party, eating dinner and cake and some friends. Oh wait, I meant “eating dinner and cake with some friends”. Whoops. 🙂 Also, it looks as if I’ll be playing some Super Smash Bros. at the party, which should be fun.


I changed up the cupcake picture from last year a bit, by the way. I was amazed how much Cycles has changed in a year. Lots of development definitely makes for lots of improvements.

Sadly, I have no funny edited photos for you today. But did you perhaps enjoy my birthday countdown? Maybe?

This post will have to end now, since I can’t think of anything else to write.

Leave any birthday wishes in the comment section!(Here’s an example: “I wish it were my birthday…”)

Thanks for reading.

2 Comments on Seventeen Years Old!

  1. Julianne said:

    I wish that we could have your birthday party all over again…

  2. Julianne said:

    Maybe I would even buy you a birthday present this time!

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