My 20th Birthday, and 10 years of


Greetings once again, my friends! As the title suggests, I just had my 20th birthday, on October 29, 2015, to be exact! It was quite the occasion, I suppose, as it marked the end ... Continue reading

An Update, at Long Last


Hi, everyone! Sorry it’s been a while long while very long while whole eternity and a half since last post. Here’s a bit of an update on things: In case you ... Continue reading

Shorter and More Frequent Posts


Ah, posting frequency. My good old frenemy. Fact of the matter is, I don’t write here nearly enough, and that ought to change. Sure, Dr. Garlic posts happen pretty often, ... Continue reading

Leaving China


Howdy, readers. Be warned: This is not a Dr. Garlic post. If you only come here to read of Dr. Garlic’s adventures, then this post might be very boring for you. Today I am ... Continue reading

A Digital Postcard from Dr. Garlic


Hi there, readers! Well, it looks like Dr. Garlic has gotten into a spot o’ trouble … again. He just sent me a very uncharacteristic digital postcard. First off, he ... Continue reading

A Star Wars Shirt, My Robot-Blocking Solution, and a Sunset Ocean


Hey there, readers! I have had some fun stuff happening recently, so I figured I might as well write about it. Why not, right (write sorta fits here too)? Anyway, I’m ... Continue reading

Good Times Ahead and Construction’s Aftermath


Well folks, I apologize. I have just been too busy to blog. Between working on school all hours of the day and eating, I haven’t had much time. Okay, so maybe I’ve ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic treks through Ice Block Trench


Welcome to the latest step in Dr. Garlic’s travel! The amazing Doctor is still in the Icy Wastelands; this place is called Ice Block Trench. For good reasons, too: it is a ... Continue reading

College, My New Laptop, and the Heroica League


Welcome, readers, to a post with an important happening in my life, a cool happening in my life, and a positively life-saving one in Dr. Garlic’s life! This post spans ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic, the Symphony, and the Aether


Hi there, folks, it’s time for the incredible Dr. Typhon Garlic to continue his magical adventure through … um … whatever it is he’s traveling through. ... Continue reading