Dr. Typhon Garlic and the IFAQ


Hello there, readers! Say hello to Dr. Typhon Garlic! He is going on a travel-thingy! He is my personal traveling buddy. Oh yeah. 😎 Equipped with a pith hat and a bag full of ... Continue reading

A Short 16th Birthday


Hey there, readers! Today’s my 16th birthday! I am sixteen years old – sixteen! Wow! 16 16 16! (Can you tell it hasn’t really sunk in yet?) I am sixteen years ... Continue reading

Suzanne September 2011 Source Files & Wallpaper


Greetings, fellow earthlings…erm…readers! I have done it, or as a friend says: “Mission accomplished.”. 😀 I have set the monkeys free! As in No Rights ... Continue reading

Suzanne September 2011


Howdy, folks! Right now, you’re probably wondering, “Who on earth is Suzanne, what does Suzanne have to do with September, and, for crying out loud, why is there an ... Continue reading

A building in progress


Hello everyone! It’s about (past) time for another post, so here goes nothing: I’ve been working on a scene created in Blender. I did a BlenderGuru tutorial to learn ... Continue reading

A pen tablet, Plip Studios, and books: Oh my!


Hi, everyone! It’s been quite some time since my last blog post (over a month, in fact), so this one’s got quite a bit of information. In the month of May, I ... Continue reading

Rock Monster Rampage


Hello everybody, Last week I put the video Rock Monster Rampage on my website! Even though I haven’t finished updating my web site, you can still view it. (Also available ... Continue reading

My first post


Hello everyone, This is my first blog post – as of right now my blog is barely customized. I know that right now I’m probably the only one who will even read this ... Continue reading