Dr. Garlic Rescued from the Aether-Net


That’s right, everyone, the fabulous Dr. Typhon Garlic has been rescued from the clutches of the overlordly Master Control Program of the Aether-Net! Actually, he was ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic Rescued From Ramses


Happy New Year, readers! I know it’s been abnormally long since I posted (34 days to be exact — urp!) and I apologize for that. I usually try to post weekly, but this ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic has been captured!


Oh no! Dr. Typhon Garlic has been captured by mummies! I received this news in an e-mail from a certain “Ramses the Mummy King”. Normally I wouldn’t have even ... Continue reading

Dug-up Driveway and Star Justice


Welcome once again to another great post by Peter! Hey! Not again… My blog doesn’t like me. But, then again, what technology ever has? I mean seriously, why ... Continue reading

Rock Monster Rampage


Hello everybody, Last week I put the video Rock Monster Rampage on my website! Even though I haven’t finished updating my web site, you can still view it. (Also available ... Continue reading