Pearls and more!


Hey there, everyone!

Today’s post is all about pearls. And chess. And Blender. And a lego camera. 🙂

I’ll start with the pearls:
Yesterday I went to the Beijing Pearl Market with my family. Seeing as there was nothing I really needed (let’s face it: pearls are a luxury, not a necessity), I was none the poorer. 😛

Me and my friend, the King.

Earlier, however, we’d parked in a parking garage, then had come back out at ground level. By then, we were quite lost – maybe the most convenient staircase ain’t always the best one? Anyway, we eventually got where we were going, but in the process, we stumbled (not literally) across an enormously large chess set! I got some pictures, too. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I came across a great video reel which really shows what Blender can do. It has a ton of awesome artwork; I recommend switching to 720p to enjoy the video “properly”. 🙂

Finally, here’s the lego camera; it’s a very neat example of what one can accomplish with a year’s time and several hundred legos!

Well, here ends yet another great and extremely awesome post. See ya’ll next time!

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  1. Peter said:

    Wow! This is a really great post!
    Hey, why does that keep happening?
    You rebel blog, you!

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