Ruins New and Old


What an eventful couple weeks this was! Miles and I split up from the group as they went about the task of retrieving the Clareborne family sword from that villainous old thief. ... Continue reading

The Claymore Retrieved


Alice here. The claymore is in our possession. Finally something is going right. The stakeout was dangerous but ultimately worth it. The old fool still has no idea it’s even ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic’s Run-in with The Family


Why, hello. If you thought this post was going to be about Dr. Garlic running indoors with his family, I’m sorry to say the title is a little misleading. In this case, ... Continue reading

Æthelred the Second’s Ill-Advised Treasure Trove


Hello and welcome back, folks! I’m happy to say that Dr. Garlic and younger brother Winstrom have safely returned from their unexpectedly long trip to Crete. What’s ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic and the Labyrinth Rescue


Yippee! Dr. Garlic is back, everyone! Apparently his and Winstrom’s adventure after Winstrom’s birthday took a turn for the worse! They had obtained the coordinates to ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic at Alecia’s Wedding


Welcome back, everyone! Today Dr. Garlic attended a very special event: his older sister Alecia’s wedding ceremony! I’ll let his journal entry tell you all about it: ... Continue reading