Holey Moley — it’s Spring!


Hello there, folks. It is now time for me to write about a fairly mundane topic (which is also amazing, if you stop and think about it). It may or may not be time for you to read ... Continue reading

A Star Wars Shirt, My Robot-Blocking Solution, and a Sunset Ocean


Hey there, readers! I have had some fun stuff happening recently, so I figured I might as well write about it. Why not, right (write sorta fits here too)? Anyway, I’m ... Continue reading

Good Times Ahead and Construction’s Aftermath


Well folks, I apologize. I have just been too busy to blog. Between working on school all hours of the day and eating, I haven’t had much time. Okay, so maybe I’ve ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic visits Chinese New Year’s!


Hi there, folks! It’s time for another Dr. Garlic adventure! This time, Dr. Typhon Garlic has traveled to Chinese New Year’s. How cool is that? However, he heard that ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic Rescued From Ramses


Happy New Year, readers! I know it’s been abnormally long since I posted (34 days to be exact — urp!) and I apologize for that. I usually try to post weekly, but this ... Continue reading

College, My New Laptop, and the Heroica League


Welcome, readers, to a post with an important happening in my life, a cool happening in my life, and a positively life-saving one in Dr. Garlic’s life! This post spans ... Continue reading

A Short 16th Birthday


Hey there, readers! Today’s my 16th birthday! I am sixteen years old – sixteen! Wow! 16 16 16! (Can you tell it hasn’t really sunk in yet?) I am sixteen years ... Continue reading

Dug-up Driveway and Star Justice


Welcome once again to another great post by Peter! Hey! Not again… My blog doesn’t like me. But, then again, what technology ever has? I mean seriously, why ... Continue reading

Pearls and more!


Hey there, everyone! Today’s post is all about pearls. And chess. And Blender. And a lego camera. 🙂 I’ll start with the pearls: Yesterday I went to the Beijing ... Continue reading

A restaurant meal


Hey there, everyone! Yesterday I went to Huawei, which is quite possibly the nicest restaurant in town. Strangely, we had to wait about ten minutes before we could order: the ... Continue reading