Holey Moley — it’s Spring!


Hello there, folks.

It is now time for me to write about a fairly mundane topic (which is also amazing, if you stop and think about it). It may or may not be time for you to read it. However, if you’re reading this, it is clearly the time at which you’re reading it.

Holey moley!

So on to today’s topic.

A few days ago, I noticed some large holes in the ground in front of our apartment building; most of which were about the size of this one.

It seems that they could possibly be for planting trees. Now wouldn’t that be dandy!

Leafy green-ness!

Speaking of trees, it’s beginning to look a lot like spring. The photograph to the left is of a bunch of trees along the roadside. The past few days they’ve very quickly just up and sprouted some green. Green … been a while since I’ve seen that color. Well, at least on plants. Outside plants, that is.

"...and it's happy to see ya!"

I rather enjoy using unique words, so here’s one you may have heard, but never before understood.

Avast! Piratey, right? But what does it mean?

I actually only learned the meaning yesterday myself. During a discussion with some friends, the word came up and none of really knew what it meant. So after a quick search on Dictionary.com, we all became a bit more vocabularic! (My spell checker don’t like that made-up word so much. 😛 )

In case you didn’t feel like following that link, avast is just another (more piratey!) way to say stop. And this has been today’s daily word of the day. 🙂 Will you make use of avast?

Thanks for reading. Hope to see ya back next post for Dr. Garlic’s intrepid rescue mission!

Also, in case you’re utterly confused, the jellybeans are some of my candy from Easter. Besides, more pictures equals more fun, right? 😀

4 Comments on Holey Moley — it’s Spring!

  1. Harry said:

    That was a peccable post!!! (My spell checker doesn’t like that word, either)

  2. Julianne said:

    Maybe if Dr. Garlic had yelled, ‘Avast!’ when the carrier-birdy was taken, we would’ve had more news from him by now… 🙁

  3. John said:

    What’s with the blue jellybean on that guys face? Is it a pimple?

    • Peter said:

      No, worse: a wart. He got it from touching a magical toad (which was actually able, unlike other toads, to inflict warts upon people).

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