Dug-up Driveway and Star Justice


Welcome once again to another great post by Peter! Hey! Not again…

My blog doesn’t like me. But, then again, what technology ever has? I mean seriously, why can’t-
[Note: I have decided to err on the side of caution and stop this rant before it starts. To avoid alienatin’ me readers, of course. :P]

Let’s get started with the news.
We’ll go with the more mundane stuff today, and save the cool stuffs for tomorrow. (Aww…)

Quick, Frank - we gotta finish before someone notices and reports us!

Here’s the weird/intriguing snippet of news:
Today, our driveway strip thing just got plain torn up an’ shredded. It pretty much was “squashed to a pulp”. Well, not exactly, but that link was just too awesome to leave out. 😀

An abandoned scene's complex lighting setup

Next up, Star Justice! I’ve been working on this short film for a while and nearly finished the script. Unfortunately, mainly due to the limited Lego collection available to me, I have had to deem stop-motion an unusable method of making this short film.
Fortunately, I think using computer animation might be a viable option!
If so, I’ll be using (surprise, surprise) Blender. 🙂

Finally, if ya got a Lego Star Wars clone trooper, some sharpies, and a camera, why not enter The ConflagrationClone Custom Clone Contest?

Well, that’s it for today! See ya’ll later!