Dr. Garlic’s Awesome Adventure Car


Welcome back, readers, to a post with an awesome alliteration in the title! Hey, cool – that was an alliteration too. Anyway, I’m getting off topic, because this ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic Rescued from the Aether-Net


That’s right, everyone, the fabulous Dr. Typhon Garlic has been rescued from the clutches of the overlordly Master Control Program of the Aether-Net! Actually, he was ... Continue reading

Contacted by the Computer Programmer


Hi, readers! Today I have received a communication from a highly intelligent person. When I say “a communication”, I mean a bajillion communications. It really ... Continue reading

Regarding New Red Shoes and Other Things


Hey there, folks! Guess what: it’s that time of year again … new red shoes have been given to me! Actually, I received them a couple weeks ago, but just got around to posting ... Continue reading

A Digital Postcard from Dr. Garlic


Hi there, readers! Well, it looks like Dr. Garlic has gotten into a spot o’ trouble … again. He just sent me a very uncharacteristic digital postcard. First off, he ... Continue reading