A Star Wars Shirt, My Robot-Blocking Solution, and a Sunset Ocean


Hey there, readers!

I have had some fun stuff happening recently, so I figured I might as well write about it. Why not, right (write sorta fits here too)? Anyway, I’m getting distracted.

My awesome new Star Wars shirt!

A good friend of mine is leaving soon (boo hoo! 🙁 ). He had this Star Wars shirt, which, every time I saw it, I would say “Hey, that’s a cool shirt!”. A few days ago, he actually gave it to me!

He told me I should wear it a couple times before he leaves so he could tell me it’s a cool shirt. 🙂

The shirt features all your (well, my) favorite original Star Wars characters. You can’t see Yoda, Threepio, or Artoo in the picture very well, though.

Are you a robot? Be honest, now.

I have been getting some bandwidth-wasting spam comments recently, so I decided to put an end to it by coding a cool solution: The “I’m not a robot!” button.

Unless you’re a logged-in user, you’ll have to click this little guy before you can post a comment. Right now, it still has a few drawbacks, the main one being that it requires the user to have javascript enabled. I’m guessing only a small minority have javascript disabled, but for those who do keep it turned off, the comment form won’t be appearing any time soon.

I’ll investigate possible solutions to this and also ways to turn it into a plugin. Right now I have edited theme template files and inserted some javascript code into the <head></head>. Let’s just say the technique’s got room for improvement.

An oceany sunset!

I thought I’d share a desktop background I made a little while ago in Blender with the help of the very cool Ocean simulator.

I have rendered the image in two sizes: 1366×768 and 1440×900. If you’d like another resolution, feel free to contact me through the comment form. Speaking of which, I have extended the time until commenting is closed on posts; it’s now 90 days, instead of … thirty, maybe? I didn’t like the idea of doing this until now, when 100% of automated spam should be effectively blocked, because before, more posts with open comments would’ve meant more targets for spam.

Further reading:

Anyway, now those who weren’t lucky enough to make it here in the first 30 days will have an extra 60 days to comment. 🙂 This could be important, as I’m planning to put some more Blender-created artwork up here soon (which basically means I’ll be creating more) and those posts would likely “expire” later than other “news-like” posts would.

I’ve noticed Blender artists tend to have questions about what techniques go into making an image, and if I close the comments too soon on a particularly cool CG artwork post, latecomers would just have to wonder and not get any answers.

Well, that’s all for today — thanks for reading! Feel free to leave any comments you might have below.

See ya’ll next post!

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  1. Julianne said:

    Hey, Peter, you should make ‘Oceany Sunset’ a Firefox Persona.

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