The Adventurers’ Reunion


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Today I have some more news from Dr. Garlic. He attended the Adventurers’ Reunion today, and boy, was it a whirlwind! He saw several of his friends there, including Dr. Gene, Zhonn Anderson, Nob, and the Computer Programmer.


I went to the Adventurers’ reunion today! Alecia didn’t mind it too much, I don’t think. Except she made Nob and I wear fancy dress suits. Bleh. Nobody else was really dressed up, and the jacket was too small, I think.

Typhon and Alecia arrive.
Typhon and Alecia arrive.

Shortly after Alecia and I arrived, Source and Zhonn laid the game plan on us. We were to remind Al of the joys of adventuring (in a very subtle fashion, mind you), so much that he would be utterly unable to resist Source’s new treasure-hunting idea.

I heard the sound of the door opening, and turned to see Source standing at the entrance with Dr. Gene. I thought Al saw me, but then he turned away, like he thought he was at the wrong party or something. I walked right over to him and placed my hand on his shoulder to stop him.

Stopping Dr. Gene.
Stopping Dr. Gene.

“Hey, old buddy, old pal!” I said to Al.

Al turned around, smiling, but something about his voice suggested that he actually had seen me and wanted to leave anyway. “Hey! It’s great to see you! It’s been what, four months?”

“Yeah… How’ve you been?” I said, a little less enthusiastically.

“Good. You know, the daily trillionaire routine,” Al replied. (The daily trillionaire routine?! I’m still not sure whether he was joking or not, but that sure is a lot of money!)

Nob came up and talked to Al for a bit, then Alecia stormed over and shouted, “Typhon, you tropical storm! Do you see all these vermin around here?”

“Alecia,” I retorted, “You must surely have me confused with someone else. Don’t you know? A tropical storm is a typhoon.”

“Well, then, I’ll just call you Typhoon then.” Alecia got the last word in that argument. Come to think of it, that happens with every argument.

To change the subject, I turned to Al and introduced Alecia. “Dr. Gene, this is Alecia, my older sister. She is just visiting for a while.”

“That’s what you think.” I heard Alecia mutter.

The adventurers talking together.
The adventurers talking together.

Then Zhonn walked up and introduced himself to Al. We all chatted jovially for a half hour or so, recalling past adventures and shared experiences. Source Bradford in particular had done some rather amazing things.

After a while we cleared all the food off the table to use it as a stage. Basically everyone made a presentation or told a story of our own adventures.

I spoke about some of my excursions through the Aether, and mentioned how the gift of Al’s energy pistols saved my life.

Dr. Garlic gives a presentation about his adventures in the Aether.
Dr. Garlic gives a presentation about his adventures in the Aether.

Unfortunately, everybody pretty much forgot what Source said about being subtle. At one point, they started chanting “Dr. Gene should start adventuring again!” Al eventually got so flustered that he ran outside, almost in tears.

Source, Nob, Zhonn, and I stood staring at each other in silence, not knowing what to do. At length we decided to join Al outside. Alecia followed, after saying goodbye to a friend she made inside.

Talking with Al outside.
Talking with Al outside.

Source apologized to Al for forcing him to go to the party intended solely to get him to start adventuring again. Zhonn apologized for inviting so many people Al didn’t even know.

Source then continued that he just wanted to tell him about his new idea for treasure hunting: King Solomon’s Mines.

But Al rejected, saying that he was not interested. He stomped off. Source was about to follow him, but I recommended he give Al some time to himself.

Suddenly, we heard shouting inside the building. A four-armed goblin ran outside, with some kind of device in his malformed hand. He pressed a button on it, tossed it into the building, and ran for his life.

The building exploded! Most of the people inside were burned badly. Immediately Source called the nearest hospital, who sent an ambulance right away. I asked Source if there was any bill to pay for their medical attention, but he said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got plenty of cash. Oh, and meet me at this address,” he handed me a business card for a tour company in Alexandria, “on Thursday, or Friday at latest.”

I gave him a questioning look, but he didn’t explain himself. Something tells me that he’s not given up trying to get Al to start adventuring again just yet.

Quite a lot of things went on at the Adventurers’ Reunion, huh? Also, I wonder what Source has got up his sleeve.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Leave any comments below, and I’ll see ya’ll next post!

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  1. Good post, Peter!

    I’m surprised that Source Bradford would still try to get Al to go adventuring after that incident. Still, he is a pretty persistent guy!

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