Alecia Garlic at the Adventurers’ Reunion


Hello everyone, this is Julianne writing (now for the third time!) with an update on Alecia Garlic.

After her horridly rough plane ride and the trek to get to the terminal after an emergency evacuation, she finally made it to the Cairo airport, where she had to wait a couple hours for her brother Typhon to arrive and pick her up.  At last he arrived, and she gave him a well-deserved lecture on the importance of being on time.

Dr. Garlic picking up Alecia.
Dr. Garlic meeting Alecia.

She explained her luggage situation to him as patiently as possible, as well as the difficulties of her journey.  He apologized for giving her the address so much later than he should have, but she would hear none of it.  Because, to be honest, there simply is no excuse for such behavior.  Except maybe a lousy one.

A day or two after her arrival in Egypt, Typhon, his friend Nob, and Alecia went to a ‘friendly party’, which turned out to be nothing but a reunion bent solely on getting some guy named Al Gene back to adventuring.  But Alecia knows more than me, so I’ll let her tell the rest.

Tuesday, the 30th of April, year 2013 A.D.

Some people learn from their previous mistakes.  Perhaps I, too, shall learn from my mistakes in the future.  Whatever the case, I can certainly say that I have not been learning from my mistakes recently.  If I were, then I wouldn’t ever have gone to that ‘Friendly Party’ hosted by Typhon and his friends.

The inside of the shack.
The inside of the shack.

The first disappointment of what turned out to be a pretty disappointing day was the shack they held their reunion in.  Honestly, I find it hard to believe that they actually found a cave full of gold.  Had they really done such a thing, I’m sure they could’ve rented a better place to have their party!

The next disappointment was the inside of the building.  What a dump!  Or a damp. I can’t believe I didn’t pass out from all the mold in there.  Or the sight of so many vermin.  It was the most disgusting experience of my adult life.

Yikes! It's a rat!
Yikes! It’s a rat!

Still, it seems that at least something good happens on even the worst of days.  One of the two highlights of the day was the handsome appearance of my brother and his friend, Nob.  They both looked far better than pretty much anyone else in the place.  For that they can thank me.  I picked out their suits and also ended up styling their hair, since neither of them seemed to know anything about dressing nicely.

Typhon introduced me to his other friends there, including Dr. Al Gene.  He seemed to enjoy the place even less than I did, for which I can’t blame him.  Everyone was chanting about how he should restart adventuring and telling lame stories that were very out-of-place.  Eventually things got so awkward that he just left the place.

Alecia and the businessman.
Alecia and the businessman.

The other nice thing that happened today was this new friend I met.  Before the presentations were made and Dr. Gene left, they introduced me to this fascinating businessman.  I just loved his life’s philosophy: ‘Buy this, buy that, buy everything you can!’.  I chatted with him for most of the afternoon.

When the party was over and everyone was getting ready to leave, the building suffered from a bad case of spontaneous combustion.  The whole shack exploded!  Thankfully, Typhon and I were outside at the time.  I can’t believe how lame that party turned out to be.  Next time they should put me in charge of planning.

Well, that’s all.  Hopefully those poor folks in the building don’t have too hard of a recovery.  Oh, and be sure to leave your comments!  Peter spent a long time perfecting the comment section.

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  1. Oh yes I did! Perfection-ness abounds in my blog’s comment sections. 🙂

    Actually, although I’m content with it at the moment, I’m not quite satisfied yet. Maybe someday it actually will become perfect! (Unlikely. 😉 )

    I enjoyed Alecia’s unique perspective on the Adventurers’ Reunion and poor Dr. Gene. Pretty funny that she got Nob and Typhon into some respectable clothes for once.
    Thanks, Julianne!

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