Dr. Garlic in a Bamboo Forest


Hello, readers!

It’s once again time for Dr. Garlic to continue his travel-thingy. Let the total and complete coolness begin!

Dr. Garlic and his monochrome spear

He has moved on to a grassy bamboo forest, but he accidentally switched his camera to black-and-white mode!

The pictures may be missing color, but what they lack in colors, they make up with sheer awesomeness! 😎

It must have broken on that rock…

Also, he has confirmed that he is, in fact, traveling through the Aether, so that’s one less mystery related to a mythical substance. Well, here’s the journal entry:


I am in a sort of clearing within a grassy forest. Strangely, this forest contains no pine trees – instead, bamboo seems to be the main type of foliage … well except maybe the grass. The grass is absolutely ridiculous. Each strand is extremely thick. I have seen unusually large earthworms who were thinner than this stuff!

I found a spear … a broken spear, that is. I assume it was thrown at the rock in my picture, and was too weak to keep from cracking.

Oh well, now I’ve got a knife and staff!

Today’s map!

Thanks for reading; I hope ya’ll have a happy Thanksgiving!

Come back next time to find out where Dr. Typhon Garlic goes next!

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