Dr. Garlic, the Symphony, and the Aether


Hi there, folks, it’s time for the incredible Dr. Typhon Garlic to continue his magical adventure through … um … whatever it is he’s traveling through.

Dr. Garlic onstage with his findings

Perhaps it’s the Aether? Who knows? Hopefully Dr. Garlic knows.

Anyhoo, here’s an excerpt from Dr. Garlic’s journal:


Visited the San Antonio Symphony this evening; it was quite literally music to my ears.

While wandering around after the performance, I noticed a bow on the ground. After asking around a bit, I learned this was no ordinary violin bow. This bow had served as an archer’s bow upon a time!

A friendly janitor explained that this bow been left specifically for those who might be reckless enough to pick it up. He also implied that I fit this description quite perfectly…

Anyhow, this bow just might come in handy later on.

A second piece of Dr. Garlic’s map

That’s it for the Dr. Garlic stuff!

As a little side note here, my blog suffered a minor spam attack. Fortunately for ya’ll, I’ve got Akismet, a redoubtable spam blocking system. Needless to say, the spam didn’t even pass my security’s first check.

Peter: 7, spammer(s): 0.

Go team Peter. B)

I’m happy to be able to keep my friendly readers protected from the obnoxiousness of spam! Thanks for reading; come back next time for another chapter in Dr. Garlic’s fame-filled travels!

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