Dr. Garlic has been captured!


Oh no!

Dr. Typhon Garlic has been captured by mummies!

I received this news in an e-mail from a certain “Ramses the Mummy King”. Normally I wouldn’t have even opened it, but the subject said “The pitiful Dr. Garlic’s downfall!!!”, so I had to know what was going on. Here is the e-mail:

Mwa ha ha!

I have captured this pitiful Dr. Garlic character! Here’s a video for proof of my dastardly deed:

And if you’re still not convinced, I have forced him to draw this map:

Dr. Garlic's genuine hand-drawn map!

So you see, insignificant flea, there is no hope for your wimpy “Dr. Garlic”!

Mwa ha ha,
Ramses the (very glorious) Mummy King

This is horrible! I’ll be trying to do everything I can to free Dr. Garlic, so check back soon in case I find a solution.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Garlic has been captured!

    • Hi Harry! The video is actually on YouTube, but I decided to mark it as “Unlisted” because, when taken out of context, this video makes no sense whatsoever. 🙂

  1. What! The amazing Dr. Garlic captured! Impossible! Unless of course Ramses the very glorious Mummy King was behind it.

  2. Or he fell in a pit…or a river…or someone jumped out of a tree and took him…well, yeah I guess it is pretty easy to capture Dr. Garlic.

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