The Carrier Birdy and Dr. Garlic 2.0!


Welcome back, readers. I write today with news of … Dr. Typhon Garlic’s carrier birdy! Well, news from the carrier birdy. Well, actually, news from Dr. Garlic, who ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic in a Bamboo Forest


Hello, readers! It’s once again time for Dr. Garlic to continue his travel-thingy. Let the total and complete coolness begin! He has moved on to a grassy bamboo forest, but ... Continue reading

Dr. Typhon Garlic and the IFAQ


Hello there, readers! Say hello to Dr. Typhon Garlic! He is going on a travel-thingy! He is my personal traveling buddy. Oh yeah. 😎 Equipped with a pith hat and a bag full of ... Continue reading