Dr. Garlic Escapes from the Snake Kings


Finally some more news from Dr. Garlic! Him, Sven, and Corin were ambushed, kidnapped, and robbed by a band of burglar dractyls who called themselves “The Snake ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic and the Evil Spider Cave of Gold


Ah… the joys of treasure hunting! It can be such a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon–just ask Dr. Garlic. Along with traveling buddies Sven and Corin, ... Continue reading

Face Yer Fears Day


Welcome back! I come to you today with a report on Convergence Point’s annual “Face Yer Fears Day,” straight from the pen of our dear Typhon Garlic. Let’s ... Continue reading

Dr. Garlic and Dan Dirtie Save Dr. Gene!


Hey there, folks! This post, as hoped, comes with an improvement the Dr. Gene situation. Typhon and Dan hunted relentlessly for any trace of Al, but until yesterday, they could ... Continue reading

The Doom-Filled Cave


Hi, readers. We’re back with another (mis-)adventure of the fabulous Dr. Garlic! As you might have guessed from reading the title, this post contains a doom-filled cave. Uh ... Continue reading