Dr. Garlic visits Chinese New Year’s!


Hi there, folks!

It’s time for another Dr. Garlic adventure! This time, Dr. Typhon Garlic has traveled to Chinese New Year’s. How cool is that? However, he heard that the fireworks can be quite powerful, so he decided to buy himself a helmet for protection.

Purchasing a protective helmet

After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Unfortunately, he had to pay the hefty price of 100 dollars. Yikes! Perhaps he should have tried a different vendor.

I suppose that he could have found a less expensive way to watch the fireworks safely, but then again, who am I to question Dr. Garlic? Or anyone else for that matter? And who am I to question who I am to question Dr. Garlic or anyone else?

Whoops, looks like I went off on a tangent there. 🙂

A frightening experience, but a colorful one too!

Well, to get back to the matter at hand … Dr. Garlic certainly enjoyed the festivities, and I know I did too! There were non-stop fireworks from about 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM the next day (or year!), but the most action was around midnight. Everyone was shooting  their most spectacular pyrotechnics for a good twenty or thirty minutes, at least.

Fortunately Dr. Garlic’s helmet did its job well — when some evil shrapnel from a firecracker was headed his way, the trusty helmet deflected the malicious stuff!

Well, here’s Dr. Garlic’s latest map.

A cool hand-drawn map straight from Dr. Garlic!

As you can see, he has put down the location of Chinese New Year’s and The Mummies’ Pyramid.

Well, that’s all for today’s post — I hope you enjoyed it!

Dr. Garlic and I wish ya’ll a Happy Chinese New Year’s. The year of the dragon has begun!

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