Dr. Garlic enters the Icy Wastelands


Hey readers!

It’s time for another exciting chapter in the story of Dr. Garlic’s adventures!

This time, Dr. Typhon Garlic has ventured into The Icy Wastelands! Sounds like a pretty chilly place, if you ask me — I hope Dr. Garlic will be able to stay warm.

Only one glove! Poor left hand...

Realizing the temperatures would be dangerously low, Dr. Garlic decided to buy some ice gear (he even bought a second sleeve for his shirt!) for use in the frozen terrain. He got himself some skis/snowshoes — but it’s what he forgot to buy that worries me: Dr. Garlic has nothing to protect his left hand from the cold! 🙁

Dr. Garlic did not write an entry in his journal last time because of an unfortunate encounter between his dominant hand and a firecracker, but the injury has healed and Dr. Garlic has manifested his ability to recover and move on after troubles occur.

Dr. Garlic treks through the frozen world

In other words, Dr. Garlic is better than ever! (Well … his right hand is at least…)

So, without further ado, here’s the latest journal entry:


Dear me! This place is unreasonably frigid! I forgot to buy a glove for my left hand (I have one on my right hand, with which I am writing) and I fear it may be frostbitten. I have been trying to keep it warm as best as I can and I only hope I can get to another shop with winter clothing.

I am keeping an eye out for any snow-dwelling creatures, hopefully I don’t have the misfortune of meeting an ice-snake! I still feel I am not yet ready for snakes. Scary things, they are.

A cold-looking map from Dr. Garlic

Well, that’s all for now! More super cool stuff coming soon! Oh … great. My blog crossed out the words “super cool”; it must be quite cross. Wonder why it does that.

A friend of mine said he was having similar problems with his blog — maybe these events are interconnected…

I’ll start over: Well, that’s all for now! More sup — erm — stuff coming soon! 🙂 Yea and verily. See ya’ll next post!

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