Dr. Garlic Rescued From Ramses


Happy New Year, readers!

I know it’s been abnormally long since I posted (34 days to be exact — urp!) and I apologize for that. I usually try to post weekly, but this time I was unable to meet demands. So instead of paying a ransom, the Heroica League and I freed Dr. Garlic! Yay! (Notice how I cleverly changed the topic there?)

So here is the account of Dr. Garlic’s rescue from the miniature mummies, in video form:

The Heroica League and I gratefully thank John, who designed and provided the rescue vehicles. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without ya, John! He generously sacrificed a whole sixth of his computer time to save Dr. Garlic! Isn’t he philanthropical? 🙂

Anyhoo, Dr. Garlic got to stay for the new king’s inauguration! How cool is that?

Please realize that I may be unable to respond to ya’ll’s comments in a timely manner, as tomorrow I am going be taking plane flights for almost half a day! So I will probably be a bit tired…

Thanks for reading! See ya’ll when Dr. Garlic’s adventures continue next post!

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