Dr. Garlic and the Rocky Jungle


Welcome once again to another awesome and fun post!

Hey! What? Great … why do I even bother?

Adventures in a dark, rocky jungle...

Evil crossy-out blog …

Anyhoo,  Dr. Garlic arrived in San Antonio! (After a very long plane flight, that is. About 13 hours total. Yep.) Let’s just say he got bored of Sudoku. And watching movies.

Once his goodies, belongings, and other assorted stuff arrived, he decided to pack them up and travel to The Rocky Jungle. Check out his self-drawn map:

Dr. Garlic

From his journal:


I have arrived in San Antonio! It’s nice an’ warm here; perhaps I’ll get a fajita to snack on while I wait for my luggage to arrive … and maybe a breakfast taco … and a doughnut! And a peanut! And a ~

Apparently he got too hungry to continue writing.

And a later entry:


My luggage finally got here yesterday evening! I embarked on an incredible journey … that same day. What can I say? Adventure was beckoning!

I soon entered The Rocky Jungle – let me mention here that it did not get that name by chance; this place is loaded full of rocks!

It looks as if I’m going to have to stay at my camp for a while; unfortunately, the promise of adventure was so exciting that I never even noticed just how many sharp rocks there are …

Well, that’s it for this week’s post! Thanks for reading; come back next week to see Dr. Garlic continue his adventure!

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