Dr. Garlic Meets Invinciman


Huh? Oh, didn’t see you there, readers!

Dr. Garlic just met his old friend, Dan Dirtie. And old is indeed the proper word there, because he came to Convergence Point from the year 2017! He met him outside the saloon (which is sort of just a general hanging-out spot, especially since the owner ran out of liquor, and can’t get another shipment till next month).

Enter Invinciman, stage center?
Enter Invinciman, stage center?

Dan Dirtie was, or is, or will be a super hero, Invinciman, and he’s currently, or going to be, working for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division; S.H.I.E.L.D. for short. Typhon didn’t quite understand this and thought Dan was trying to get his hands on a shield. I sent him a note about it with the carrier birdy.

They talked together for quite some time, catching up on what the other had been doing lately. Dan didn’t speak much about S.H.I.E.L.D., and instead focused on 2013 events, since Dr. Garlic’s native time is 2013. Dan Dirtie said that he’d gone around the world in a rowboat in less than eighty days over twenty times, sparking interest within S.H.I.E.L.D. about his abilities. He unfortunately changed topic then, and it began to seem to Typhon that he was avoiding something.

Talking with Dan at the saloon.
Talking with Dan at the saloon.


Amazing! I’ve just seen Dan Dirtie’s future self, who happens to be a super hero named Invinciman working for a shield! I wonder what that means. Maybe he’s like Hercules, and he has to become a true hero before he can get it? But why is he trying to get a shield? Whatever the reason, I wish him luck.

Dan Dirtie … I mean … Invinciman has been stationed here at Convergence Point because … well, now that I think about it, he didn’t actually tell me. That’s right, he said it was classified. I guess I’m not remembering too well on account of my shock at seeing him. Classified. I never knew Dan could use such big words!

Dan works on a team of “unique individuals” called the Avengers. (They’re an”Earth’s mightiest heroes” type thing.) He said the Avengers include

  • A really old guy who still looks young
  • Some guy in a metal technology suit
  • A giant angry green dude
  • A long-haired legend who summons lightning
  • Two master assassins
  • and Invinciman himself

There might have been others, but as I said before, I’m not remembering things that well. Dan said their boss was named Director Flurry, but that he hates whenever Dan calls him that.

Something about Dan has definitely changed. I can’t say exactly what, but he just seemed like he was more worried about everything, that he had a constant burden. When we were talking, too, he seemed to be avoiding something. I wonder, maybe the superhero work is too hard on him?

What am I saying? This is Dan Dirtie, Invinciman, the man who’s genetically stronger than normal without any gamma radiation or chemical experiments! He’s impervious to everything, isn’t he?

Well, that’s it fer today, ya’ll. Come on back next time fer more great adventures!

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