Dr. Garlic visits Dr. Sprinkle


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Dr. Garlic’s journey has taken a turn for the bad! After crossing over an icy river, he noticed his left hand was not hurting from the cold anymore. Alas, it had become blue and frostbitten!

Dr. Garlic's hand is frostbitten!

Dr. Garlic happened upon the small town of Frostville and was able to get a local doctor to look at him.

Let’s face it: Dr. Garlic is not exactly a doctor of medicine and healing. Also, when one’s hand is frostbitten, one would probably be better off going to a professional.

Unfortunately, the doctor seemed to be anything but professional…

"Vant a heuk?"

The strange bearded doctor offered to amputate Dr. Garlic’s hand and replace it with a “heuk”, but Typhon decided against it and requested that Dr. Sprinkle (for that was the fiend’s name) try to heal his hand (instead of “ridding yaself of that crummy thing”, as Sprinkle put it).

The fellow reluctantly agreed and within a few days Dr. Garlic was using his hand as normal. In fact, he was even able to drink some hot chocolate!

They called it hot chocolate...


Finally, I am free! That kooky Dr. Sprinkle kept me locked up in his “recovery closet” for … wait … how long was I even in there? That cramped place was intolerable! And it smelled of snake oil!

And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, the charlatan extorted a hundred dollars (and my bow & arrow) for his “vondervul services”.

Oh well, he did as he was asked: my left hand has been restored to all its former glory. I tested it just to be sure. (When it comes to someone like Dr. Sprinkle, I doubt there is such a thing as being overly careful.)

My test consisted of buying some hot chocolate and holding the mug with my left hand. Well, they called it hot chocolate, but it had the consistency of watery chalk and it tasted like grime.

Across the river to Frostville!

Hope you enjoyed the post (sorry it was so long in the coming!) and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Hope to see ya’ll next post!

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