Suzanne September 2012


Hi there, folks.

It’s time for … Suzanne September 2012 — yippee! In the bold footsteps of Suzanne September 2011 follows this September’s Cycles-rendered Suzannes. Yep, I’ll be using Cycles, not Blender Render. Expect a far more realistic glass Suzanne this month!

The first Suzanne is quite chocolatey, as you can see for yourself! Sadly, it melted a bit during the render. I knew I shoulda used some extra cooling fans…

Oh, darn, it melted!

Well, I suppose I better clean up all this chocolate on my keyboard now. Thanks for reading! Oh hey, a lollipop — tasty!

Any requests for later Suzannes? Got any cool ideas? Post ’em in the comments!

3 Comments on Suzanne September 2012

  1. Harry said:

    How about a fiery Suzanne! Or a smelly Suzanne!

  2. ConflagrationClone said:

    Sorry, But I just had another idea. Suzanne with a beard! And maybe a sailor hat! And a cigar!

    • Julianne said:

      I second that!

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