My first post


Hello everyone,

This is my first blog post – as of right now my blog is barely customized.
I know that right now I’m probably the only one who will even read this post, but might as well make this post grammatically correct for posterity, eh?

I’m working hard on my website (trying to make it conform to the standards isn’t as easy as it might sound) and I’m hoping to have a working version up sometime in June.

Besides that, a newcomer is coming to my website for the first time with his own brand-new page. (How redundant can one sentence get?) So everybody give a big round of applause for Daniel! I’m sure his webpage will be as cool as possible.

As you might know, I use the Unity game engine for game development. I currently am working on making a game for my website and optimizing it – stay tuned!

Finally, get ready for the Lego stop motion video Rock Monster Rampage! Coming soon to and YouTube…