The Deadly Disguise of Blooka-Blooka

Book II of the Blooka-Blooka Trilogy

Chapter 1: Scientific Accomplishments

Blooka-Blooka sadly looked at a pile of ashes. “None of my experiments work,” he whined. “The guinea pig became ghosty, the lab rat got dissolved by my acid water, and just look at the mousey!” Here he gestured towards the ash pile. “No,” he said, “I am a very bad scientist. I'm sure I would be a much better robber! Robbers are cooler, anyhow.”

He walked around the chamber and remarked, “I still don't know what all this stuff this thing.” He pointed at a strange-looking machine. “What in the world,” he examined it carefully, “does this do?” He pressed a power button and a screen came to life. As it started up he read it: “The Disguiser...huh. What's that supposed to mean?”

When it finished powering on, a button appeared on the screen: “Create new disguise”. Blooka-Blooka selected that, then chose “Create from scratch”. The machine appeared to create disguises, and Blooka-Blooka came up with a plan. He added brown hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, a medium-sized nose and various other things. Soon Blooka-Blooka had finished, and he tried the disguise on.

Blooka-Blooka walked over to a mirror and exclaimed, “Yes! I look just like him!”

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