The Deadly Decision of Blooka-Blooka

Book I of the Blooka-Blooka Trilogy

Chapter 1: Introduction to Blooka-Blooka

There was once a man named Blooka-Blooka. Blooka-Blooka watched a video about all the awesome things that robbers do. It was so cool that he resolved in his mind to become a robber. He only had one problem: He didn't know where to start! He figured that he might as well check the library for a book on how to become a robber. He strolled into the library, straight up to the front desk and asked, “Would you happen to have a book on how to become an evil robber?”

The librarian was shocked. He never imagined that anyone would want to become an evil robber. He hesitated, then decided to shoot the potential robber.

Pulling his pistol out, he took aim and fired at Blooka-Blooka. The poor fellow screamed in pain as the bullet slammed into his arm.

Knowing the librarian would shoot him again if he stayed around, Blooka-Blooka ran off into a corner of the library and plopped down on a chair against a wall. Or so he thought. It turned out that there was no chair. There was not even a floor. Blooka-Blooka suddenly realized that, in reality, a holographic chair rested on a holographic floor. Having no ability to defy gravity, he subsequently fell and landed in a pit.

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