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Welcome to Peter’s blog, the one and only place where you can read about the one and only Alecia Garlic!  Also, her slightly-less-significant-brother, Typhon.

In this post, however, the readers will have a unique opportunity to read about both of them!  Here is the diary entry from Alecia.

Thursday, the 16th of May, year 2013 A.D.

I have just returned from a dream-come-true shopping trip.  Although I had some difficulty motivating Typhon to take me to the mall, all my troubles were well worth while!

There were a large assortment of clothing stores in the mall, and I shopped around just enough to replace my lost clothing collection.  My favorite purchase: a pleated skirt with matching tan leather boots.  I put them on before going into the hair salon next door.

Alecia goes inside the salon
Alecia enters the salon

This place, titled ‘Sharon’s Salon’, was run by a very trendy young hairstylist who introduced herself as Sharon Sprinkle.  Something about this lady struck me as extremely desirable, and I found myself consumed with a desire to be exactly like her.  Luckily, it was not overpowering, but I did end up getting a new hairstyle from her.

While she was working on my hair (which turned out wonderful), I decided to ask her how she became a hairstylist.  She told me that she had chosen this career some time ago, simply because she felt like it.  That reason seemed so brilliant to me!

Sharon at work.
Sharon at work.

She also mentioned her father, a nomadic man who has held dozens of different jobs throughout his working life.  Apparently, her success in the hair industry inspired him to become a barber.  “Unfortunately his place didn’t last very long,” she said.  “One of his customers spread the word that he was a ‘hair destroyer’, and he didn’t get enough business to stay open.”

Once Sharon announced that she had found my style, I took a peek at myself in the mirror.  Somehow, by some mysterious method, she had created perfect waves!  I paid her generously and delightedly continued my shopping.  I wonder… how will Typhon and his friends like my new look?

Well, that’s it.  If you have any suggestions for Alecia’s future activities, post them in the comments section!

5 thoughts on “Alecia Garlic Goes Shopping

  1. This new comment section is awesome! I can make bold, italic, crossed out stuff, hyperlinks, codes and


    Best of all, it is all in HTML! Good Job, Peter!

    Well, I suppose that I should say that I liked the post since I am sorta commenting on it. Well, I figured out why all the malls are so weird: They’re all run by the Sprinkle Family!

    • Hey Harry, glad you like it. 😀

      The comment form was one of the last things left for me to do with my new blog theme, and I think it’s turned out pretty well!

      As for why the malls are so strange, you’ve probably hit the nail on the head. Now just to figure out how to take 1500 words to say “The malls are weird because they are run by the Sprinkle family.” 😛

  2. Perfect waves, huh? Maybe I should go there!
    On second thought, they might look kind of weird on me…

    Anyway, I think Alecia should buy some jewelery, or maybe even hats, and drag Typhon along, just to bother him! 😉

    • Alecia told me to let everyone know that she loves those ideas!

      She also wants to know what kind of jewelry you think would best complete her new look.

      • I ain’t too good with all this fashion stuff, so maybe she should do the opposite of my suggestions, but maybe a new necklace or bracelet would look nice? Or earrings perhaps? I dunno. Julianne, you’d be a better person to ask than me.

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