A Digital Postcard from Dr. Garlic


Hi there, readers!

Well, it looks like Dr. Garlic has gotten into a spot o’ trouble … again.

He just sent me a very uncharacteristic digital postcard. First off, he has never sent me a postcard before; he sends the carrier birdy. Secondly, the message is just … really strange. The thing is basically pointless (unless you consider the “fun” parts as important).

Here is the text of the postcard:

Hi there, Peter!
Each and every day I like to have fun!
Let’s have a fun time together someday!
Playing is very fun, by the way.

Maybe when I get out of the
Ether-Net data system, we could play?
! This message is intended for PETER !

Take a moment and ruminate over the meaning of that postcard. Don’t rush; really look it over.

If you really, truly give up, then go ahead and peek below.

I’m hoping you noticed this on your own, but the postcard message is basically an acrostic. If you gave up, then try reading down the message, paying attention only to the first letters of each line. Notice something? Does anything shout out “HELP ME!” to you? Maybe?

Obviously, Dr. Garlic is not able to speak (or in this case write) freely.

After researching a bit about the “Ether-Net data system”, I discovered some things about the place. (Note that Dr. Garlic misspelled it as Ether-Net for the sake of his acrostic; it should have read Aether-Net. Ether is an alternate spelling of Aether, but that doesn’t really apply for titles, I suppose.) Anyway, it was basically someone’s fourth grade science project gone wrong. Now there’s this monstrous data network out in the wilderness that nobody is able to get to, due to “peculiar circumstances”. The kid apparently made some booby traps, gave control over to his computer, got the thing some solar panels, and what do know, a virus installs itself onto it. Brilliant.

So according to Typhon’s postcard, he is, if I am understand correctly … inside the thing, somehow.

Well, I used my programming skills and managed to whip up a terminal connection to Dr. Garlic. (In other words: I made a game for the games section! 😀 )

Guess what! You folks are now being given the honor of tracking down Dr. Garlic. Get over to the terminal and break a leg! (Please do not literally break your own or anyone else’s leg.)

Go now! Find Dr. Gralic! (That’s Garlic.) Yes, Galric! (Garlic.) Yes, find him!

Report back here (in the comments) once you’ve got some info!

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